I enjoy working with guitar models based on those of ‘the old masters’, such as Torres & Garcia. Aside from that, I love to create my own guitar model, in which I try to find a unique balance of traditional craft, volume, tone color and projection. I always strive to create a light & responsive instrument with well-rounded tone colours, a good projection and above all, good playability. All the materials that are used are handpicked by myself from the best wood dealers. I only select the finest pieces of wood, which are carefully stored for a couple of years, like good wine, before they are used.

  • Soundbox: Rosewood / Cypress / Maple
  • Top: European Spruce / Western Red Ceder
  • Neck: Ceder
  • Fingerboard: Ebony / Rosewood
  • Scale length: 650mm, others possible on request
  • Tuners: Irving Sloane, others possible on request

All my guitars are made by hand according to the Spanish, Granada tradition of guitar making. This results in the use of old clamping and construction techniques, the use of the solera, hide glue and French polished shellac. The solera is a precisely shaped and curved out working surface upon which the guitar is built, facedown. The solera determines the curve of the soundboard, neck angle and geometry of the guitar. I prefer French polished shellac because it gives a thin, light & very elegant finish and it also enhances the guitar’s acoustics. The art of making a handmade instrument consists of a lot of different steps. Each step is important and has a specific influence on the final result. One could compare the process to an enigma-coding machine: change one wheel and you end up with a totally different outcome.  As I work with a noble and natural product, wood, I try to maximise the true potential of every piece of wood and combine them in such a way to create a perfect harmony. Just like a fine winemaker would do with his grapes. So every guitar is a unique product, ‘une pièce unique’.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be very happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Torres model

Torres Torres rug

Garcia model

Garcia Garcia rug

Concert models

Esdoorn Esdoorn rug

Marin2 Marin rug Marin


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